CogniPower Technology for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrids (HEVs) are an application where the agility, bidirectionality and universality of CogniPower's switched mode power controls are particularly valuable. Electric Vehicles require the ability to move AC or DC power to or from multiple sources based on driver inputs that can change quickly and unpredictably. Usually, a number of unidirectional power converters each do part of the job. However, harnessing multiple power converters to work in concert is challenging because they tend to interact in complex, and sometimes contrary, ways.

CogniPower controls' distinctive design allows a single power converter to do the job of two conventional converters. Advantages include not only improved performance and efficiency, but also smaller size and lighter weight. Those reductions offer double value by increasing the performance and range of the vehicle. When a single, bidirectional CogniPower converter replaces multiple conventional converters, the increase in efficiency means less waste heat to remove, and this simplifies design and increases reliability.

Because EVs rely on emerging technology, there are few unalterable aspects of power train design. Therefore, a new battery technology may become practical at any time. New switching semiconductor technologies like GaN and SiC are increasingly attractive. CogniPower flexible power switching technology will adapt more easily to the evolving requirements of an EV power system. Conventional converters can stand in the way of incorporating improved technology.

EV chargers are another area that can benefit from CogniPower technology. Our Compound Converter topology enables smoother, more efficient charging. Again, the largest single advantage is gained by removing an entire stage of power conversion when compared to conventional chargers. And again, removing that extra power stage reduces size, cost and complexity. Also, an extra degree of control allows for maintaining more optimal conditions for the battery during charging. That added controllability both maximizes vehicle range, and, maximizes the service life of the battery system.

CogniPower has seventeen issued patents and eight pending patents covering the underlying technologies required.