CogniPower Technology Applied to Wind Generators

CogniPower is developing new technology for switched mode power conversion that is instantly controllable and responsive. Power converters employing these patent-pending techniques can solve problems which have proven difficult for those using conventional power management methods.

With one cycle's worth of local energy storage, such as an ultracapacitor, an AC-AC converter built according to CogniPower's technology can exhibit independent control of the input current and the output voltage in a single stage converter. That ability could greatly increase the reliability of wind turbines.

Wind generators suffer with accelerated wear due to vibration. The customary way to deal with vibration is to use oversize bearings to withstand it. Extra weight high off the ground requires extra structural strength in the tower, increasing installed cost. Some of the force which causes the damaging vibrations is created by the generation of the electricity itself. CogniPower power converters offer an extra degree of control, beyond that offered by conventional converters. Such a power converter could be modulated to dampen vibration while still producing the desired output because CogniPower patent pending technology can match the desired current waveform for the input, independent of the output voltage or current or frequency. That input waveform could be adjusted to minimize strain on the mechanical system. The input current waveform shape could even be adjusted dynamically to minimize vibration under prevailing conditions. The result would be maximum reliability and service life with minimum maintenance.

Both input and output regulation are achieved using a single switched inductor for simplicity and efficiency. Power is moved in the optimal direction and polarity at any instant between input, output, and storage. This greater degree of control of switched mode power is made possible by a series of patent-pending inventions focused on faster, cleaner sensing and switching of significant voltages and currents, as well as on rules for taking better advantage of that ability.

The speed and agility of CogniPower converters allow them to regulate peaks smoothly and to minimize transitory disruptions. These unique abilities can further increase service intervals and reduce down time. The flexibility and efficiency of CogniPower converters will allow them to operate at lower wind speeds, further reducing the unit cost of generating wind power.