CogniPower IGBT switch drivers build on our patent-pending FET switch driver technology. These drivers fill the need for the faster, more powerful switch drivers required to take full advantage of the newest generation of IGBT switch modules. They can deliver 3 to 5 times the average power at up to 50 Amps peak drive current. CogniPower IGBT switch drivers are designed for higher voltage operation and work in single-, dual-, and multi-level systems.

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Tight timing control over the temperature range and generous power delivery capability allow faster operation and better control at higher switching speeds. Faster switching translates directly to lower switching losses. The higher average power available eliminates the need for multiple drivers in most applications. Each driver channel is fully isolated. No optocouplers are employed.

The initial product offering is suited for the Econo-Dual style package. The system is modular, so only a new carrier board will be needed for other IGBT switch packages. We will be expanding our product line to suit customer requirements. Please contact CogniPower with your IGBT switch driver needs.

Gate driver waveform from half bridge module running at 25kHz

IGBT Switch Driver Model CP-ECD-7W-E(x)D(y)-(z)U

  * Dual channel driver
  * Highly integrated plug-and-play solution
  * Interface for 3.3, 5V or 15V logic level
  * +15V/-15V gate drive
  * Peak gate drive current +50A/-50A
  * Separate gate current paths (on/off)
  * Suitable for IGBTs up to 1700V
  * Direct or half bridge mode
  * Flexible fault management
  * 2-level and multi-level topologies
  * IGBT desaturation protection
  * Isolated DC/DC converter
  * 2 x 7.5W output power
  * Power supply under-voltage lockout
  * Power input over-current protection
  * Power input over-voltage protection
  * Superior EMI emissions and susceptibility
  * Reliable, long service life
  * Easy mounting directly onto IGBT package

Nominal supply voltage14.751518V
Supply current @ fIN 0Hz 200 mA
Supply current, full load 1.25 A
Output power per channel   ( Note 1 ) 7.5 W
Gate voltage+/-13.5+/-15+/-16V
Peak output current (gate current)-50 +50A
Switching frequency fIN   ( Note 2 )0 250kHz
Minimum ON or OFF period (factory programmable) 600 nS
Turn-on and Turn-off delay <300 nS
Fault reporting latency <300 nS
Blocking time (after fault) 1.5 mS
Creepage distance primary-secondary 22 mm
Dielectric test voltage  ( Note 3 ) 4400 10,000VAC
Partial discharge extinction voltage 3000 Vpeak
dv/dt immunity, input to output 75 kV/µS
Operating temperature-20 +85°C
Note 1: 9 Watt version available on request
Note 2: Maximum operating frequency may be limited by output power,
           half bridge dead time, or power dissipation in gate resistors.
           Optional heatsinking is available for gate resistors.
Note 3: Higher isolation voltages available

Factory set options:  
  Desaturation threshold 1 to 11 Volts, default 7.5 V
  Half Bridge Mode Dead time 200nS to 10µS, default 3 uS
  Input Logic Level 3.3, 5, or 15V, default 5 Volts
  Enhance gate resistor 0.1 Ohms to 10 Ohms, default 1.1 ohm
  Deplete gate resistor 0.1 Ohms to 10 Ohms, default 1.1 ohm

Part Number Derivation:
2Econo-Dual style IGBT Module
3Watts per gate, 7 Watts is now standard
4Enhance and deplete resistor values in ohms x=Enhance y=Deplete 1 ohm is default for both
5z=Dead time in micro seconds, default is 3 micro seconds

         default is gentle OFF local action upon error Note -HS option makes field changing of gate resistors more difficult.
- mtX X= minimum on or off time in ns, default is 600ns
-DTnn= desaturation threshold in volts, default is 7.5 v
-MLfor multi-level systems, error reporting and gate control are independent,
-HSwith heat sink for enhance and deplete resistors
-HVHigh isolation voltage option, standard is 4400 test voltage for 1700 volt operation

Contact factory with complete part number for price and availability.

Evaluation systems supplied with matching connector, TycoŽ 5-103958-8, or equivalent.

Specifications Rev D   January 2012
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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