CogniPower Technology for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles

An application where the agility and bidirectionality and universality of CogniPower's switched mode power controls are particularly valuable is Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrids (HEVs). Electric Vehicles require the ability to move AC or DC power to or from multiple sources based on driver inputs that can change quickly and unpredictably. Conventional power converters and controls are remarkably unsuited to the task. It is difficult to get an assembly of multiple power converters to work well in concert. They tend to interact in complex, and sometimes inappropriate, ways.

CogniPower controls can regulate multiple power ports for voltage or current using a single switched inductor. Further, the rules for regulation can be changed dynamically without destabilizing the system. These unique abilities can be used for improving the efficiency of regenerative braking, for incorporating ultracapacitors, if desired, and for minimizing the stress on the batteries and the power train. A single, bidirectional CogniPower converter can replace multiple conventional converters, eliminating the equipment needed to switch between them. Interconnections, size, weight, and complexity are reduced.

Because EVs rely on emerging technolgy, there are still few unalterable aspects of power train design. A new battery technology may become practical at any time. New switching semiconductor technologies like GaN and SiC are increasingly attractive. CogniPower flexible power switching technology will adapt more easily to the evolving requirements of an EV power system. Conventional converters can stand in the way of incorporating improved technology.

CogniPower converters use low inductance switch topologies with faster, more powerful switch drivers. These capabilities enable higher frequencies of operation, which shrink size and improve dynamic response. CogniPower has four issued patents and ten pending patents on the underlying technology required. The agility and flexibility of CogniPower switch drivers, controls and topologies can reduce size, weight, cost and complexity, all while increasing efficiency. The problems of waste heat removal are reduced as the efficiency increases. Cooler-running systems are more reliable. The designer can choose to enjoy the benefits of CogniPower technology in the form of greater vehicle range, better performance, lower cost, or a combination of the three.