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Spun off from Lawson Labs Inc. ("LLI") in 2009, CogniPower is an independent company that specializes in power conversion and power management technology. CogniPower was established to develop a new, more efficient, and agile approach to power conversion which was initially envisioned by LLI. The collaboration with LLI leverages LLI's 30 years' experience designing and producing high-performance electronic instrumentation. CogniPower has developed industry-changing technology that can dramatically improve the performance and efficiency of power converters, while reducing their size and cost.

Because power conversion is a requirement of almost any device that produces, stores, or consumes electricity, CogniPower's technology can increase efficiency and reduce costs across many industries. Between generation and final use, power is converted many times; consequently, the benefits of CogniPower technology can multiply. The superior agility and flexibility of CogniPower's technology enables equipment to run faster and more reliably, and to waste less energy as heat.

Our technology, embodied in our patents and patents pending, can do more than incrementally improve the performance and efficiency of power converters. Even larger efficiency gains can be achieved by eliminating entire stages of power conversion. This transformative technology can be used to cut wasted power by half in some applications, and can provide substantial performance benefits in powering almost any electronic equipment.