Thomas E. Lawson and William H. Morong

Between the two inventors, there are several dozen patents, issued and pending. Their earliest joint patent dates to 1976. It covers a galvanic instrument for measuring oxygen. That instrument enjoyed ongoing commercial success.

During his time at Analog Devices, Morong accumulated five patents. Three are for isolation amplifiers. These devices are galvanically coupled and are related to the recent power converter work. The AD289 isolated amplifier was the most successful product that resulted. The IP for the AD289 was eventually transferred to Intronics when Analog Devices left the module business. As of early 2010, these modules were still being manufactured, over 25 years later. Another of Morong's Analog Devices patents covers a method for manufacturing the miniature planar transformers which were used in the AD293 isolator, another major commercial success. Planar transformers have more recently found their way into general use.

Since 2009, Lawson and Morong have again been working together. This time, their focus is power converters