Thomas Lawson, Founder and President

Lawson started his career as a manual writer at a medical electronics company in 1968. Ten years later he was VP of Engineering and VP of European Sales. His first patents issued in 1978 (one held jointly with Morong). He started Lawson Labs, Inc. in 1981, which he still heads. LLI focuses on high resolution instrumentation. Lawson has designed and marketed over 50 successful LLI products. NASA has used Lawson products for rocket engine test platforms, wind tunnel testing, and for development of Mars Lander electrochemical instrumentation. LLI products are used to control the manufacture of the paper used for all US currency. Many commercial analytic instruments contain LLI interface products.

William Morong, Co-Inventor

Morong started his career as a design engineer in the early 1970s at Lexington Instruments Company, a medical instrumentation firm in Waltham, MA. He worked up to the position of Chief Engineer. His first patents issued in 1978, (one held jointly with Lawson.) Morong was hired away that year by Analog Devices after he designed a superior replacement for an Analog Devices modular isolated amplifier. At Analog Devices, he designed a series of commercially successful isolation amplifiers. Morong next worked for Intronics, a power supply company, then for LTX and eventually National Semiconductor.

J. Heywood E. Sloane, Director Communications and Investor Relations

Sloane brings executive experience in the banking and securities and investment management industries along with experience in publishing, research, systems development, and association management. Sloane is a Principal at the Diversified Services Group where he helped create the Bank Insurance & Securities Association through the merger of two prior associations. Earlier, he was General Manager at CDA\Wiesenberger, now a part of Thomson Reuters. Before that, Sloane was a Founding Director of Delaware Management Trust Company.

Christopher Dunne, General Counsel

Dunne is a founder of CogniPower and serves as its General Counsel. Dunne was recently Senior Associate Director for Institutional Partnerships at the Harvard School of Pubic Health. Previously he was a partner at Cooper Morrison & Dunne of Philadelphia. Dunne was a partner at Wolf, Block, Schorr & Solis-Cohen in 2000 through 2004. Over his career, in addition to several positions as General Counsel, he was appointed by PA courts as an advocate for neglected and medically needy children, served on US Congressional staff, wrote position papers, and drafted legislation. Dunne is presently in a leadership position at four non-profit organizations.