CogniPower Technology Overview

Every switched-mode power converter is different. Each has its own particular requirements for balancing the tradeoffs needed to meet performance targets without risking unstable operation---all within size and cost constraints. Because of the highly individualized controls employed to meet these competing needs, there are many thousands of different power controller chips on the market. CogniPower sees that situation as a symptom of an underlying problem: too much focus on the trees, and not enough on the forest.

All power converters are governed by the same physical principles. A single control device operating according to those principles should be suitable for a wide variety of applications. We have achieved that broad operability with a new control method called Predictive Energy Balancing (PEB). PEB is a generalized, scalable control method that is built on the fundamental kinetic energy equations. PEB is capable of handling buck, boost, flyback and SEPIC topologies and does not require compensation. The same controls can be used for power amplifiers, as well.

Research and development on PEB and its ramifications has been underway at CogniPower for six years. We have built many demonstration systems, from a 50 milliwatt boost supply, to a 2 watt wall adapter, to a kilowatt power amplifier. At APEC 2013, we demonstrated a power converter that is agile enough to follow a high fidelity audio signal. In other words, it is an audio power amplifier that produces its output directly from an unregulated input voltage. Lower cost, higher efficiency and smaller size are the bonus effects of our more direct design.

Anyone who has spent days or weeks compensating a conventional power converter will quickly see the benefits of PEB for agility, stability, efficiency, and ease of application. Anyone involved in the supply chain will appreciate replacing many specialized parts with a single, generalized, more capable part.

Any power converter, amplifier or motor drive is a candidate for CogniPower technology.

So yes, every switched mode power converter may be different, but the same Predictive Energy Balancing controller can do a better job than a whole family of conventional controllers.